Chairman & Yip,
Seafood Feast
7th Mar - 8th Apr / 6:00-10:00pm
Starting at $15.50


The Chairman & Yip will be hosting a celebration of all things seafood this Autumn.

The Chairman & Yip aims to create a unique dining experience, steeped in the culture and traditions of a particular place, but with a collective spirit where the best of all places can come together to make something wonderful. Through the seafood fest, we hope to introduce some to new flavours and ingredients, or to re-acquaint others with some that remind them of home. We will be drawing on the rich history and tradition of Seafood throughout Asia, providing information and education on where they come from and why they are used. As always, we seek to provide our audience with the opportunity to challenge themselves and their tastes.

For the duration of the Feast, Chairman will be offering a seafood feast a la carte menu and a tasting menu, featuring new dishes alongside signature seafood classics. The tasting menu is ideal for those who want to sample one of everything! These are multi-course degustation style menus, with the option of matching wine.

In addition to this, The Chairman & Yip will be offering daily or weekly specials.

For those who don’t eat seafood, non-seafood options will also be made available on the a la carte or tasting menus. We cater for all dietary requirements upon request.

Stay tuned for more information on our Crab Feast, an opportunity to indulge in something truly special!

Preview the seafood feast menu.